Prefabricated Houses

Prefab Wooden House

کاروان مسافرتی

Recreational vehicle

These caravans are like portable small houses.

ویلای چوبی پیش ساخته کوچک

Prefab houses up to 50 sm

Small wooden houses usually do not have a kitchen or a room.

ویلای چوبی ذوبلکس

Wooden houses 50 to 100 sm

wooden houses in this range generally have a bedroom and a kitchen.

ویلای چوبی پیش ساخته دوبلکس

Wooden houses larger than 100 sm

Wooden houses with this range include several bedrooms and sanitary facilities.

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Technical Specifications of Prefab Houses

Prefabricated Wooden House Specification

Hegmatan Wood Prefab House Kits consists of Class A pine logs which are dried to 18% moisture. Handcrafted Scandinavian style corner joints. All roof materials for turf roof, except soil. Triple glass windows, exterior and interior doors. Wood floor materials and insulation as well as terrace materials.


110mm thickness of pine wood


 Timber boards 28x120mm & 28x145mm

Lathing 75x75mm

Wind barrier Tyvek soft

Rafters 75x200mm

Insulation 200mm + 100mm

Vapor Barrier El-Pefoil 200mm

Lathing 75x100mm

Interior finish panels 14x145mm

Black metal gutters


Exterior doors

Interior doors

Scandinavian style triple glass windows


Wood construction 50x75mm

Floor boards 28x145mm (Pine)

Insulation 25mm

Vapor barrier


Painted stairs with ash steps

Tile installation

Mouldings for ceiling, floors, doors and windows

Intermediate floor (ceiling) (Floor boards (Pine) 28x145mm, 200x200mm beams, Insulation 150mm, Cladding 14x145mm)

Decorative posts

The assembly of the house from wall construction, door and window installation to roofing, lasts from one to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the project




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ضمانت ویلای چوبی

10 Years Warranty

Hegmatan Wood, as the largest manufacturers of prefabricated wooden Houses in the Middle East, guarantees all its wood products for 10 year

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