Hegmatan Wood Gazebos make a great place to relax in your backyard. Gazebos are normally a roofed, wooden structure that can be placed outdoors (most often in gardens) to provide shade or shelter. Our wooden gazebos are custom built in the size and style you want. Gazebos come in an Octagon, Oval and Rectangle Gazebos. Octagonal wood gazebos have traditionally been the main style historically, but oval and rectangular wooden gazebos are convenient since they offer a different layout and size. For a gazebo, wooden materials are the best bet. They are easy to clean and maintain, and last a long time.

If you don't have enough room for the fully assembled gazebo to be delivered we have, wood gazebo kits which come precut with accompanying instructions that explain in detail how to assemble the pieces. Putting together a wooden gazebo with our kits is a fairly simple process. You will need a helper for the heavier pieces, and a basic toolkit for hammering or drilling. On average, wood gazebos can be set up in a few hours.

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